Tropical Sunset Smoothie Bowl

Tropical Sunset Smoothie Bowl

Hey friends, as part of Plastic Free July I wanted to share one of my favorite products in our shop which is our Coconut Bowls. I love making smoothie bowls and using my bowl to enjoy those smoothie bowls in. 

I made a Tropical Sunset bow today and it was so good. I wanted to share that recipe with you all. 


  1. 2 TBSP of Almond milk Oat milk, or whichever nut milk you prefer. 
  2. 1/4 cup Dragon Fruit Cubes
  3. 2 Cups of Frozen Bananas
  4. 1 Cup of Frozen Papaya
  5. Toppings of your choosing, banana, strawberries, chia seeds, etc.


  1. Use a high powered blender, & add your milk to it. 
  2. Add your dragon fruit pieces, bananas, & papaya. 
  3. Blend on high
  4. you might need to scrape the edges down and work it to make it all get blended. 
  5. This will be more like ice cream texture instead of smoothie but it taste so good! Once blended all together serve and add your toppings and enjoy. 


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