La Vida Balanced's Reason Why

La Vida Balanced's Reason Why

Living a balanced life is important for everyone. Clean living is important and we are here to help you sustain a balanced life with our products. Self Care is important to who you are. Taking care of yourself everyday can help you continue to complete everyday task. My passions are sharing ways to have a sustainable home, gardening, planning/journaling, skincare, home decor, style & much more. I started La Vida Balanced to share this all with you.

MY reason for starting La Vida Balanced is much more than just a shop. These last few years with our sons medical condition I really neglected myself and my relationship. I learned a lot about myself the first two years of my sons life. He was in the NICU for 7 months after birth and it was really hard. My only concern was my kids. I neglected my own health, my relationship and just only focused on my kids. While you may be thinking well that's a good thing, yes it can be. The problem I had is that once we got accustom to our new normal I started to realize I had lost myself and my relationship. I had neglected my needs and my relationship. At this point in life realized that I I was important too and that I needed to take of myself to be able to take care of my family. This is why self care is so important to me and to have something for yourself. Wether that be reading, gardening, organizing, a sustainable home, planning, studying things that intrigue me, taking a bath, etc. I think it is important for everyone to find something they enjoy and do that.

I enjoy sharing sustainable, eco friendly, & clean options with those on my blog because it is important to me. I have two children who have health issues with no explanation behind it. No chromosome or genetic issues were detected. SO I really started to look and watch what we ate & used in our household. It's important to me to share with others great way and products to use in your home to make it cleaner, safe, and safe for the earth. 

La Vida Balanced just means a Balanced Life in Spanish give to my Latina roots even though I don't speak Spanish, crazy! 

I think its important to be able to have a balanced life and that why I am here to be able to share those things & products with you all. I am so glad you are here and have come to my little shop to learn something new and or purchase something to help you keep your life balanced. 




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