Behind the Owner

Behind the Owner

My name is Stephanie & I am a wife & mother of 3. I run my own personal blog which means I get to work from home mostly. La Vida Balanced is my newest venture and I get to share all my passions with you all.


I have an awesome Husband who works so hard for our family and which I am able to have my little creative space of having my own blog and being able to start this amazing little shop and share with you all.

My three amazing children, Cami, Sammy, & Kai. They keep me busy and are pretty awesome if I do say so myself. 

A little background on me, I am from Texas and have lived here my whole life. I became a mother at 18. I went to culinary school and graduate with my associates in Culinary. I have always loved food and really grew a passion when it came to cooking and making recipes. I have a blog called Modern Farmhouse Living where I share pretty much about all the things. I share clean beauty, home decor, Day, food, fashion & more. 

I am so happy to be here and getting to share La Vida Balanced with you all.




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