DIY Bathroom upgraded

DIY Bathroom upgraded

Disclaimer: This post is on collaboration with Love Vs. Design. This in no way has changed my opinion or anything on my end. Im sharing because this is something I truly enjoy.
Hey yall today I am here for a great post and one the I am super excited to share. Since moving into our new home I have been itching to do a project. 
We decided to start with a small project and we chose a small wall in our restroom. it is actually a wall in our toilet room since its in its our room in our bathroom. I wanted to start small because we weren’t sure how everything wold turn out and didn’t want to do a big project. I think choosing this smaller wall was perfect and now I just want wallpaper & Board & Batten every wall in the house. 


So I am not going to give a thorough tutorial on the Board and Batten because it was not the best. Our walls are textured and I definitely need to do a bit more research on how to make it a bit prettier. There are tons of great tutorials and blog post on Pinterest, so I would definitely check there for some great ones. 

The reason I loved this peel & stick wallpaper from Love Vs Design was because it is customizable. I have done so much searching for the perfect wallpaper and I just loved the idea of being able to customize it. Love Vs. Design has so many designs to chose from but the customer has control over the color choices. You can also order samples and you will get a sheet of all the colors you can choose from. This wallpaper was so easy to put on and if I needed to readjust it was easy to pull it back and smooth it out. 
There are two different materials you can get the wallpaper in, a smooth or a woven material. For the bathroom it is recommended to go with the smooth due to the humidity that you get in these rooms. The woven material is hardly noticeable as I was able to feel it since I got a few samples too. The way your order goes by height. They will come in 2 feet rolls and can go up to 12 foot in length. We only needed two rolls and had some left over because this wall is about 36 inches. The remainder is left for later one when we complete that whole room. Another great thing about the wallpaper is it is easily removable.
Since our walls are textured we did have to sand the wall exactly where we were going to put the wallpaper. They send step by step instructions as well as being able to find videos for you to watch on their website. 

For our wall it took us about 30 minutes to complete. My husband did start the tops for me because I was not able to reach the very top. It was so easy and if I would have had a ladder then I am pretty confident I would have been able to do it myself. I am extremely happy with the wallpaper I picked and being able to customize it to the colors I wanted was great because I can match it to my theme of Modern Farmhouse. If you are in the need for a room refresh definitely check out this great peel and stick wallpaper from Love Vs. Design, and sign up for their emails to keep up with any further sales they may have. 

Thank you all for coming here and seeing our first little project in our new home! I can’t wait to share more with you all as the time goes on and we can do more! 

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